Here are some utilities I wrote that you might find useful.

Disclaimer: These programs have been tested and work in my production environment. Please test them before deploying them in yours. They come with no warranty.


A simple app that reads a Mac serial number and displays it as a barcode. Please note only certain barcode scanners can read a barcode off of a computer screen.


SHA256: b6f86f0e5e53ca0ae5bbdc55713c06f42ca73ed525129f140d946573a4404141


Every so often SMARTBoards have a flashing green LED when a computer is connected. Typically this is because the SMARTBoard service has hung. This app simply unloads the SMARTBoard Service as well as SMART Ink and then reloads them. SMART Ink is unloaded because every once in a while SMART Ink fails to start or crashes. So this app attempts to fix both issues.


SHA256: f1f9cc93d27d270a59db7018850217757798d39a9150c0493236e6148ef6bd29

Version History:

  • 1.0 – Initial release
  • 1.2 – Removed waits from issuing the unload/load commands for the SMART services